What Coping Tools Work Best?

Ever wonder why a coping skill you’ve been using has stopped working? It could be that you’re not treating the right thing.
Our brains experience different kinds of stress based on how we perceive a threat. That perception triggers the brain to use primal instincts to protect you. So, sometimes stress will cause you to become highly anxious and worried, continuously thinking over the possible outcomes. Other times we shut down, stop connecting to the world around us and become numb to the world. When you’re feeling anxious, the disconnected tools don’t work, and when you’re feeling disconnected the anxiety tools don’t work.

Some tools that work when you’re anxious:

  • Draw
  • Eat a little chocolate
  • Enjoy nature
  • Paint
  • Practice deep/slow breathing.
  • Pray or meditate
  • Watch cute kitten videos on YouTube
  • Write

Some tools that work when you’re disconnected:

  • Clean or organize your environment
  • Care for or play with a pet
  • Dance
  • Go for a run, bike ride, or play sports
  • Hum or sing
  • Play an instrument
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