Do you love yourself?

Why is it that our worst critic is usually ourselves?

Often, we have this image of who we are “supposed to” be. That person is much happier because they’re thinner, they have tons of friends because they wore the right clothes, and they are living their best life because they didn’t say that thing that made them sound stupid to their boss.

That version of ourselves is so much better.

But what if that wasn’t the case?

Think about what it takes to be thinner, if it’s even possible. The amount of exercise and diet restriction that it requires isn’t likely to make you happy. People who spend their days running on treadmills and not eating tend to be grouchy.

What about those clothes? To afford the expensive shoes at fancy tie, how many more hours would you need to work? If you’re working all the time, how can you make friends?

And that stupid comment you made in front of your boss got you noticed. If you blend into the background and never stand out, people don’t know who you are. You never get the chance to have exciting things happen like company trips or raises if your boss doesn’t know you.

Each decision you make has a consequence. When you look for balance in your life, you must look at all the pieces. Life is best when you balance the rewards and find a way to appreciate what you have and why you are where you are in the journey.

Image by goonerua on Freepik

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